Hey there! I’m Chandler, a creative living and working in Dallas, Texas. Currently, I spend my days daydreaming about packaging and being silly with the fine folks over at Fossil. I’m a creative problem-solver that wants to leave the world a little bit better (and better looking) than I found it. I have experience in branding, illustration, packaging, digital and print design, and best of all snacking. 

I'm an avid cat enthusiast and I'm waiting for the day I get to be a cat mama, especially to some rescue kitties. Sugar is my preferred drug of choice (I once requested a birthday dinner entirely consisting of desserts), I can recite every and any episode of Friends at a moment's notice, and pink will always be my favorite color. I'm currently obsessing over interior design and working on decorating my first big girl apartment.  I like trying new foods and traveling to new places, and you can read all about those forays over here. Thanks for taking a peek into my brain! I'd love to connect with you! 


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