100 Days of Squares


Today I'm starting my 100 day project. If you aren't familiar with it, the idea behind it is to do something every day for 100 days, document it and see where you end up at the end. 

I got the idea for mine from last summer. I had some down time at one of my internships and I just wanted to make something fun. I would set up a bunch of square artboards in Illustrator and just create whatever came to mind. Sometimes they were song lyrics that I couldn't get out of my head, some were vector illustrations and others were just images I found on the web that I doctored or altered in some way. It became a really fun exercise for me and I would often work on these squares after work and on the weekends. 

So for my 100 days project I'm revisiting these squares and making whatever the hell I want. Most of them will probably involve food and some shade of pink, and that's alright with me.