Casa de Chan

Well, well, well, look who put on her big girl panties. Hint: it's me. I am the proud renter of an apartment in Dallas! After living at home with my parents a little bit longer than I should have, I signed my lease in October of 2016.


Now, you might be saying, "Why Chandler, how on Earth did it take you this long to find a place? Isn't Dallas in the middle of a housing boom right now? Weren't there plenty of places in North Dallas, closer to your job?"

It's all true; I took way too long to pull the trigger and get my own place. Buuuuuuut, I'm very picky. And if I was going to shell out the cash to throw away in rent every month, I was going to find a damn near perfect apartment (which means it would be in Dallas proper, not in the 'burbs). I'd saved plenty of money living at home and I wasn't on any time crunch, so I let myself be choosy. It was maddening and really exciting, and I'm happy I was patient and waited for the right place to pop up.

Before I get to the exciting, happy dance, YAY part, there were lots of problems before getting to the good stuff. On the first day of my lease, my keys didn't work, the apartment walls were painted brown (after I specified they should be left to the primer), and the floor plan was not as the leasing agent described. There were other little fiascos in addition to the big ones (like the office spraying my apartment for fleas and giving me 30 minutes notice after I had already taken the day off of work so I could have Internet installed), but after being consoled by my partner and family I calmed down. It didn't matter that the walls were brown; it didn't matter that the leasing office was incompetent. I had my own place, space, home of my own. Everything else was insignificant. 

So after all of the problemos, I gotta say we worked it out and made some damn Bey lemonade. I have a really amazing Dad and boyfriend who spent all weekend helping me paint the entire place white. I mean everything, including the walk in closet and the built ins (yikes, never wanna do that again). And then I could see it. The vision. Now I am SO beyond excited to make this place my own, cute Casa de Chan. This is the state of the place about a month after I moved in, with the only new addition being my sofa! (More on that some other time.) 

I really love my kitchen! It's way more space than I need (I'm not much of a chef) but I'm so glad I have it. That nice big island just makes it. I do wish the appliances weren't so dark, but hey, one of the many joys of renting. 

The living room seems very boxy right now, so I'm excited to add to it and make it more inviting. You can see a little bit of my balcony, but it's really only big enough for one folding chair or so. The only new piece of furniture in this room right now is my shag rug, which my toes are loving at the moment. 

This is the hallway that funnels from the kitchen/living room. The door on the left is to a coat closet, and the double doors straight ahead are to the washer/dryer hookup and more storage space. 

What's up with apartments building the walk in closet en suite to the bathroom? Eh. Not a fan. We'll see how I fix that ugly little floor plan flaw. The bathroom is nice and updated (except for the tub) and I like the size of it.  

Built ins behind a door? Not exactly an ideal living space arrangement. But I love the amount of shelving it gives me! I can't wait to style those out and add a lot of zing to this tiny room. 

And my bedroom! It's a nice size and has a huge window which is nice. My queen-size bed takes up most of the room, but it's a larger bedroom than most 1 bedroom apartments give you. I've got big plans for this space!

And there you have it, folks. Casa de Chan. I can't wait to share my progress and add updates. I'll try to sprinkle some photos in here and there, but for the most part I think I'm going to tackle one room at a time. I need to take it chunk by chunk or else my brain will start spinning like a top with all of the planning, buying, and styling I have to do. Adios from DTX! 

Lovey & Dovey

Ahh February. Always my favorite month. To me February means birthdays, lots of pink and hearts, tons of chocolate, rom coms, and just happy times. Say what you want about Valentine's, but I stinkin' love it. I just want to plaster all of these images all over my room and desk and cubicle. Possibly for forever. 

left column :  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  right column:  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9

left column : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |  right column: 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9